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Twenty Sixteen, the time has come to get lean. You cannot afford to wait another day!

Last year turned in to this year and you still haven't lost the weight ? Or you lost the weight and have gained it all back ? Are you still taking the statin blockers and the blood pressure medication?

Do you still have Type II Diabetes? Do you still have Metabolic Syndrome? Do you still have a Fatty Liver? Are triglycerides still over 100? Are glucose levels high. Are you tired and depressed?

These are all symptoms of Obesity! Your health is on the line here and now. If you don't do something about it soon you are going to pay the price. It's not going to be "Affordable Health Care"!

It's going to be a life threatening , life changing event that has nothing to do with "Affordable Health Care". I have over the years as a personal trainer witnessed this event.

I have been to the hospitals to visit the many people I have known, who simply would not listen to their own bodies call for help.

I will tell you this quadruple bypass surgery is not something you want to experience! Nor will it make the obesity problem go away.

The same is true for gastric bypass surgery, it is not a solution to the obesity problem, only a temporary fix at best.

Spartan Training has been the weight loss solution in the Chandler AZ area since 2007. We have a proven track record that supports your weight loss success.

Join us in "Twenty Sixteen" Vicki and I will promise to do everything possible to make your weight loss an enjoyable experience.  Give yourself the greatest gift of all.

Health is the gift that brings happiness and a quality of life beyond anything you can imagine. Click here: "Spartan Free Offer"

The Worlds only Metabolic Weight loss Solution.

   Far superior to Crossfit, YouFit, StudioFit, Plan it Fit, or any other fit that might fit the description. Spartan Training®  offers the worlds onlyMetabolic Weight loss System that is trademarked for injury free, science based, experienced oriented, quality results, that will give you the science facts about your metabolic profile, body-fat, and lean muscle. Not the hype or myth or the marketing  jargon of infomercial fantasies like," 5 minutes to a perfect body", "6 minute Abs",  "twenty pounds in a week", straight out of a science fiction novel, flooding the internet daily with advertisements that are misleading and down right false!

  Spartan Training® is not to be confused with Spartan Race... Using the Spartan Training® trademark in order to promote the Spartan Race brand...I find this to be an underhanded tactic another example of how cut-throat companies like that have become...Total lack of integrity while using a name that represents integrity...Spartan!  Very dissappointing....

  The Fitness industry has fallen flat on its face. In the last decade there are more gyms than ever and more obese people than ever before in recorded history. It is clear that the health clubs and gyms are not curing the obesity problem. In fact they are doing more damage than good.  All the myth and lies  that are being fed to the American public about losing weight are a result of greedy people feeding on the desperation and fear of those who do not know what to do about their weight loss problem.

  The only science from infomercials are science fiction...Why? Because everyone is looking for the easy way out and so the marketing and sales of health, fitness and weight loss are premised on science fiction not science fact. The ten minutes abs do not exist. Nor does losing body-fat without combined, exercise, nutrition and cardio. The worst misnomer of them all is "its easy to lose weight", the fact of the matter, it is difficult to lose weight and even more difficult to keep it off. Probably one of the most difficult task you will ever embark on and the sooner one faces this fact, the sooner one will stop looking for the easy way out and actually discover the right way out Spartan Training is here to help with the right way out, the Spartan way out, of your weight loss dilemma and transform your bodies metabolic profile, to one of optimal health.

Call for a free fitness assessment: 480-802-2222

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